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Opt for our Elite Google Ads Management: benefit from a refined advertising strategy, advanced data analysis, real-time adjustments, and expert tracking to maximize your conversions. Make every euro spent efficient and performance-driven!

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With digital advertising, precisely target your audience through search engines (SEA), websites (Display), apps, and social networks. KAZ Digital, your expert agency, turns every click into a profitable opportunity to increase your visibility, boost your sales, and capture leads.

Why prioritize digital advertising to boost your business?

With Google Ads, propel yourself to the top of search results quickly, generating immediate visibility for your brand.

Reach your target audience directly. Google Ads allows you to reach a specific audience, reducing the cost per acquisition while increasing ROI.

The digital world is changing habits: 60% of consumers start their product searches online before making a purchase.

The shopping landscape is evolving: 81% of the French market now make their purchases online. Ensure a dominant position in the market.

Why entrust your Google Ads with our agency?

Full Audit

First and foremost, we assess your needs, your market, and your existing campaigns to provide you with a tailor-made strategy.

Customized Strategies

Beyond SEA, we develop an integrated approach, harnessing the full potential of digital marketing.

Cost savings and control

Set your budget, control your spending, and maximize your return on investment.

Real-time adjustments

Monitor the performance of your campaign and make real-time adjustments for optimal efficiency.

Data-driven approach

We rely on data and analysis to make informed decisions and for better performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of running a Google Ads campaign?

Flexibility is the key with Google Ads. Your investment depends entirely on your goals and resources. Whether you have a modest budget of a few hundred euros or a larger budget of several million, Google Ads adapts to your needs. This tool offers unparalleled freedom, ensuring that every cent is used wisely.

At KAZ Digital, we dive into the heart of your ambitions to define the best strategy. Together, let's explore the possibilities and set a budget aligned with your goals to maximize your visibility.

SEA or SEO: Which strategy is best?

SEA (paid search) and SEO (search engine optimization) are two distinct facets of digital marketing, but they complement each other harmoniously. The combination of both can maximize visibility on search engines. The major advantage of SEA is its quick implementation and its ability to provide immediate feedback on keyword performance.

Typically, we initiate a SEA campaign ahead of any SEO initiative. This enlightens us on the most performing keywords, which then guides our optimization for organic search.

Transparent and fixed pricing: How does our agency approach this?

At our agency, there are no surprises. We favor a flat-rate approach based on the time we spend optimizing and managing your Ads campaigns. This way, you benefit from complete control over your costs while taking advantage of our expertise.

How to distinguish the best Google Ads agency for you?

Navigating through titles like 'Google Ads Agency', 'Google Partner Agency', and 'Google Premier Partner Agency' can seem confusing. However, the choice is not limited to these labels.

It's crucial to work with an agency that understands and aligns with your specific goals. While some agencies excel in locally focused campaigns, others are adept at Google Shopping or lead targeting.

Aim for a SEA agency like Kaz Digital that not only meets your needs but can also establish a personalized strategy to maximize your online impact. After all, each project is unique. Therefore, take care to compare before committing.